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Ductile Iron (Di) Pipe Fitting

In order to further support the requirements of esteemed customers, Jindal SAW Ltd has set up the largest Ductile Iron Fittings plant in Tembhurni, Solapur, Maharashtra, India. The size range of fittings is DN 80 mm to DN 2200 mm with an annual production capacity of 18000 MT per annum. This largest state-of-the-art integrated plant in India producing fittings & accessories for all sizes of DI Pipes is spread over 30 acres and was commissioned in the year 2014.

Size Range:DN 80 mm to DN 2200 mm

External Coating: Zinc/Zinc Alloy, FBE, Blue and Red Epoxy

Internal Coating: Cement Lining OPC/BFSC/SRC/HAC, FBE

Conforming Standard: IS:9523

Products Offered :
  • All Socket Tee (AST)

  • All Flange Tee (AFT)

  • Blank Flange (BF)

  • Cap

  • Coupling

  • Double Socket Bend (DSB)

  • Double Flange Concentric Reducer (DFCR)

  • Double Flange Eccentric Reducer (DFER)

  • Double Socket Concentric Reducer (DSCR)

  • Double Socket Tee with Flange Branch (DSTFB)

  • Double Socket with Flange Branch Level Invert Tee (Washout Tee)

  • Double Flange Bend (DFB)

  • Double Spigot Bend (DSPB)

  • Double Spigot Pipe

  • Double Flange Pipe

  • Double Flange Pipe with Puddle

  • Double Spigot Pipe with Puddle

  • Double Flange Semi Circular Bend

  • Double Socket Collar

  • Dismantling Joint Type A

  • Dismantling Joint Type B

  • End Plug

  • Flange Socket (FS)

  • Flange Spigot (FSG)

  • Flange Type M J Collar

  • Flange Bell Mouth

  • Flange Socket Pipe with Puddle

  • Flange Spigot Pipes

  • Flange Adaptor (FA)

  • M J Collar / Coupling with Tie Rod

  • Puddle

  • Reducing Flange

  • Restraint Joint

  • Socket Spigot Pipe with Puddle

  • Socket Spigot Bend

  • Welded Flange

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