About us

About Us

Huddle Hearts is the inclusive dating app that you have been waiting for. Where other dating apps provide you with a dating platform that is difficult to use and let you figure it out on your own, Huddle Hearts provides dating consulting that can make finding that special someone easier than ever.

Huddle Hearts offers one of the easiest to use dating app experiences plus some exciting new services you won’t find anywhere else. Our exclusive dating consultation and event hosting services give our users even more opportunities to meet new people in person.

Why Join Us

Dating in today’s world can be intimidating. It can be scary and cause anxiety, but it can also empower you and help you find true love. With the myriad of dating apps available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

Huddle Hearts is founded with the key vision of offering our users more. More features, more services and more opportunities to meet that special someone.

Our Mission

Through exclusive, members-only singles events featuring experienced online dating coaches, you can find friendship, love or just someone to hang out with on the weekends. If you want the best dating app features, the friendliest customer service and a team of dating professionals dedicated to your online dating success, choose Huddle Hearts today and experience the difference our unique online dating experience can make for you.


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